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The Guru Of You is a lifestyle project designed to empower YOU to become the guru of your own life. It is based on the premise that the more spiritual awareness, clarity, and Truth we know and have as individuals, the more enjoyable and fulfilling our lives could be. The more empowered and joyful we are as individuals, the more humanity can change and move toward a sustainable, conscious reality.

The Guru Of You offers its selfless service to the world through a website, blog, TV show, online shop, and a video library, as well as an active and growing social media collaboration.

What would it be like to live life fully and not have to depend on a spiritual guru as a source of awareness? What if you could be your own guru and explore life and find out what works for YOU? Spiritual gurus are wonderful, but ultimately each of us must become awakened and empowered individually if we wish to truly live in this World in peace and in harmony.

The Guru Of You is about living a conscious lifestyle and provides spiritual seekers from all around the world with uplifting and enlightening information, awareness, energy, support, tools, inspiration, and motivation to continue growing and moving forward on their spiritual path. It is about living an awakened life. It is about caring for ourselves, others, and our Earth, while being willing to change ourselves and thereby change the world.

As you probably already know, the world is in quite a chaotic state. The repercussions and consequences of our collective actions are beginning to become evident, and many of us can feel an internal nudge to awaken and rise to the shift that is necessary. We can feel the pressure that is upon us, and more and more people are beginning to become aware that the world is not working the way it is. More and more people are realizing that the capitalistic lifestyle that we have grown to rely on is simply not sustainable for the Planet.

The truth is that not everybody is waking up at the same time. The majority of the population of the world is still in what seems like a “dream state”; a state of mind that remains almost completely oblivious to the challenges we face as a collective human race. But as more people wake up, others will be drawn to do the same. The Guru Of You is for those who are actively seeking Truth; it is for those who are cultivating spiritual upliftment and internal liberation, regardless of how far they are on their path.

Are you a Truth seeker? Are you a spiritual activist? Are you interested in seeing the world change? Do you look around and wonder why the world is the way it is? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then The Guru Of You surely has something to offer you.

Thank you for being you. ♥

Yours in Truth,

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